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Lotus Flower


Lotus flower

There’s a jewel in the lotus flower

Unfolding deeply in my soul

Hari Om Mane Padme Om

Om Mane Om Mane Padme Ommm

La fleur de Lotus qui grandit qui grandit dans mon âme


The image here is that of the lotus which has its roots in the mud and then grows through the water to blossom on the surface of the water in the light. The jewel is within all of us on our journey. It may be muddy at times but through the evolution of our spirit beauty will unfold like the leaves of the flower and we will feel this beauty and truth deep within our souls.

The image and energy of the song is like the kundalini energy raising up like the lotus flower does through the mud of survival issues through all the charkas to unfold and culminate in the crown charka of enlightenment.