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Incredible ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! During its travel in India, Marie have met Venus Group, one of the biggest Hindi Moovie firm in Bombai and they have decided to link their destiny : Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed by Venus in India in several months ... see the newspaper and read how it happens...

Spirit Vibe is also available in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan...

Spirit Vibe story

Neal Hoptman started his chanting career as a child age 10 when he would chant for food at the back door of a local Asian restaurant he loved in Detroit, Michigan. The chef would reward him for his efforts. His chanting endeavors took a back seat for a number of years as he pursued a career in research and lecturing before getting disilusioned with academia and Washington politics and left the USA to work and travel around the world. He wound up making Australia his home.

Neal returned to chanting as part of his desire to get back to nature and lead a fairly self sufficient lifestyle in Australia. He immersed himself in the teachings of Integral Yoga and studied in numerous countries and discovered the yogic science of sound known as Nada Yoga. He loved chanting and would often lead chanting groups as part of his yoga programs both in Australia and overseas.


The approach was always to embrace chants not only in Sanskrit but from many different traditions. For many years Neal and his partners ran a retreat center in the mountains of Victoria Australia and introduced chanting to thousands of people as part of their yoga based healthy lifestyles programs.


More recently Neal has been consulting all over the world to spas, hospitals, government agencies, universities and business on health enhancement. While teaching yoga on a yacht on the islands off of Venezuela he met Marie. She invited him to visit her recording studio in Toulouse and share the yoga teachings. Neal on his visit to Toulouse described his vision about Spirit Vibe with Marie and Jean Pierre and once they recorded Fire My Spirit at the Travel Groove Studio they knew this was a beautiful partnership which very quickly led to the music presented here.

The vision of Spirit Vibe is to spread the spirit of love and light through music all over the world. Spirit Vibe embraces the essence of yoga or union by focusing on the unity amidst the diversity of this global village and the universe in which we inhabit.

Neal, Marie and Jean Pierre hope you enjoy this journey of sound and wishes all of you abundant health, peace and joy!