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Incredible ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! During its travel in India, Marie have met Venus Group, one of the biggest Hindi Moovie firm in Bombai and they have decided to link their destiny : Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed by Venus in India in several months ... see the newspaper and read how it happens...

Spirit Vibe is also available in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan...

Spirit Vibe concept


Spirit Vibe is based on the age old perennial wisdom and healing found in cultures all around the world. At the heart of our ancestral wisdom lies our connection to nature and by honoring this, we can share the love and light that unites the universe.


In years past, this was conveyed through music and song in diverse traditions such as Native American Chants and Sanskrit Bhajans.

Spirit Vibe takes this ancient wisdom and presents it through contemporary music so we may dance and sing harmony back into the world and heal our lives and the planet.