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Incredible ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! During its travel in India, Marie have met Venus Group, one of the biggest Hindi Moovie firm in Bombai and they have decided to link their destiny : Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed by Venus in India in several months ... see the newspaper and read how it happens...

Spirit Vibe is also available in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan...

Background on Spirit Vibe


What is the motivation behind Spirit Vibe?

ˇ Inspirational lyrics and dynamic music can change people’s consciousness impacting positively on the world and the challenges we are currently facing.

ˇ To reach out to a new generation with a positive message and a contemporary beat.

ˇ Presenting powerful chants in a format that everyone can move and dance to.

ˇ Embracing the theme unity amidst diversity, by bringing together numerous cultures and spiritual disciplines in one band.

A fun and creative project for Marie, Jean Pierre and Neal to share with the world.

How did you come up with the idea?

ˇ Studies over many years in the different branches of Yoga alerted me to the power of sound for personal and planetary transformation, this is called Nada Yoga.

ˇ During long periods spent at ashrams and retreat centers I became familiar with chants from a variety of spiritual traditions.

ˇ My life journey has been dedicated to personal development, service, adventure, and fun while promoting global harmony.

ˇ In Australia, I sang chants with others and saw how it uplifted all of us.


ˇ In 2002, a dear friend shared some current dance club music with me and I loved the beat and felt energized by it but found no inspirational meaning in the lyrics.

ˇ The idea was then born of having a great vibe to reach out to people who may never have experienced chanting before.

ˇ I felt from my own experience with sharing chanting, that uplifting lyrics can shift people’s consciousness which can contribute to greater global harmony.

How did the Spirit Vibe concept wind up being recorded in Toulouse France?

ˇ For many years a group of us chanted regularly at our health retreat up in the mountains in Australia, as well as in Melbourne and Sydney and occasionally in Europe.

ˇ People who joined us wanted to learn the chants after feeling their power and then share it with others.

ˇ To achieve this I wanted to record the chants and have a video of uplifting images to accompany it but it never happened for a variety of reasons. I never let go of the desire.

ˇ I met Marie Abbo while teaching yoga to a group from Toulouse and Biarritz on a yacht in South America in 2002 and shared some simple chants as part of our classes and conversations in a beautiful natural setting .


ˇ Marie loved the Yoga and chanting experience and invited me to Toulouse in 2003 and I shared the Spirit Vibe concept with her and Jean Pierre Soulagnet at their recording studio, Travel Groove.

ˇ Marie and Jean Pierre were intrigued with the concept but it was new terrain for all of us so it was time to experiment with it and see what would happen.

ˇ During the weeks that followed I sang a variety of chants and Marie learned them while Jean Pierre used his incredible talents to create the music to accompany many of them. It was an amazing process that was very intoxicating for all of us.

ˇ We could often be found singing, playing drums and laughing at 3 am in the studio. We transformed traditional chants as well as some new ones I wrote into the Spirit Vibe context and even added some dynamic images for the track Fire My Spirit.

How did you go from this experiment in the studio to a cd which is now selling in music stores throughout France without having a record label?

ˇ When we finished the recording sessions we needed some feedback on what we had done.

ˇ It is one thing to have a visual and auditory experience but what about the kinesthetic? How did people feel when they experienced Spirit Vibe?


ˇ We visited Marc- the music buyer at Virgin Records Toulouse- he was the first person to hear the rough tracks and see the images. He said we had a winner.

ˇ What a wonderful feeling to see him enjoying the music and listening to it over and over again.

ˇ He explained the upcoming mergers and financial challenges in the record industry at the present time and outlined our options.

ˇ We then went to Fnac for a second opinion and they said they liked it so much that they would put it on the shelves just the way it was now in its rough state.

ˇ Marie took the rough cuts to Paris based labels and explained that we wanted to keep total creative control over the music through the studio in Toulouse.


ˇ It became clear that it was our best option to handle the music ourselves at this stage and ask Virgin and Fnac if they were still interested once the tracks were finished.

ˇ The feedback again from both Virgin and Fnac was very positive and here we are!

Spirit Vibe is not the only vocation for the three of you. What else do you do?

ˇ Marie is the Chairman of the Department of Marketing in the university at Pau.

ˇ Jean Pierre works full time producing music at Travel Groove Studio as well as playing music in various bands in France and Europe.

ˇ Neal is a gypsy Wellness Consultant to health resorts, spas, hospitals and universities around the world.

Is there a connection between your Wellness Consulting and Spirit Vibe?

ˇ The essence of Spirit Vibe is to promote personal and planetary wellness.

ˇ The key is uplifting sound vibrations and messages combined with movement/dance and powerful visual reinforcement where possible.

ˇ The use of sound in promoting wellness is well documented in medical literature.


ˇ Numerous medical procedures use sound vibrations to help patients (including ultrasound, dissolving kidney stones or gallstones, sound scalpels for delicate surgery to name just a few).

ˇ This is not wishful thinking; this is a science and music therapy has been used for thousands of years.

How would you explain the science behind the Spirit Vibe recordings and Wellness in simple terms?

ˇ Disease can be thought of as dis-ease or dis-harmony in the body.


ˇ We all know that sound vibrations impact on objects around them through the phenomenon of resonance. Even glass can be shattered simply by sound waves.

ˇ Physics instructs us about entrainment where a vibration can resonate and influence objects to vibrate at a similar frequency.

ˇ If we have disharmony/disease in the body, mind, spirit, of an individual or community and we can entrain it with a powerful uplifting harmony, we introduce wellness.

ˇ We experience and absorb information on 3 levels: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. By sharing the chants through dance, music, and images, we can transform this disharmony/disease on all 3 levels.

ˇ We hope people feel the music/message, move/dance to it, see the images, as well as enjoying the way it sounds.

ˇ The transformational power and science of repeating mantras is well known in the Eastern spiritual traditions.


ˇ Now in the West, such things as affirmations and prayer are being scientifically tested each year in academic research as well with hundreds of articles and books documenting their efficacy in promoting wellness.

ˇ Medical doctors are now using sound to help promote wellness with major ailments including cancer.

What is the connection between yoga, mantras, eastern spiritual traditions and medical science, academic research and physics with regard to Spirit Vibe tracks like Bliss or You Are Love?

ˇ The latest scientific research in the medical field of psycho-neuro-immunology indicates that we are literally “molecules of emotion”.

ˇ Every thought, feeling, movement we make releases chemicals that influence our well-being.

ˇ It is no longer accurate to separate mind and body as both are inextricably wired to one another and constantly send chemical messengers that impact on our health on all levels (psychological, physical, spiritual, environmental, emotional).

ˇ By reminding people through sound, images and movement that they are bliss and love, it is hoped they will feel this within themselves, instead of perpetually searching for bliss and unconditional love outside of themselves.


ˇ According to the Yoga teachings, Bliss is our essence, our true nature. We do not need to go anywhere or do anything to experience this.

ˇ In Sanskrit this state is called ananda or bliss absolute.

ˇ Feeling this bliss is vibrating at a love frequency in everything that we do, think and feel.

ˇ We all need re-minders, when our mind gets caught up in desires and attachments, that we will never find permanent bliss “over there”.

ˇ A mantra helps us attune or resonate to what is within us already.

ˇ Spirit Vibe combines contemporary sound vibrations, lyrics and mantras based on ancient wisdom, and modern science, in order to experience this bliss.

ˇ It is the love that we all long for that is our very essence. At times we do incredibly destructive things to the earth, others and ourselves in this search for love.

ˇ The message is simple, You Are Love.

Where do all these chants come from?

ˇ Spirit Vibe embraces not only the Nada Yoga but also chants from Native American Indian, Buddhist, Sanskrit, and my own interpretation of the spiritual teachings.

ˇ The fact that we draw from numerous cultures as well as develop our own chants is very important in order to reinforce the message that there is unity amidst our diversity on this amazing planet.

ˇ It is enjoying our differences yet embracing what we can all share with one another that will heal ourselves and this planet.

ˇ Music is a unique expression as it has the power to go all over the world and unite everyone through sound.

It seems this power is evident in the meeting of three of you and the formation of Spirit Vibe.

ˇ Yes, a gypsy wellness consultant from Australia, born in America, teaching Indian yogic chants on a yacht off of Venezuela meeting a French singer/performer and lecturer in marketing who experiences she is love and invites him to work with a French music producer in Toulouse whose music is pure love.

ˇ As we say on the cd......I just love that love!

Neal Hoptman