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Incredible ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! During its travel in India, Marie have met Venus Group, one of the biggest Hindi Moovie firm in Bombai and they have decided to link their destiny : Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed by Venus in India in several months ... see the newspaper and read how it happens...

Spirit Vibe is also available in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan...

Spirit Vibe team


Liza Soulagnet

Listen to Liza singing on Fire My Spirit : Wonderful !

They come on stage with us and all becomes magical !! Jean Philippe Tomps and its djembé
Joao Oliveira dancing capoeira

Thierry Cladères


Thierry played the guitar solo on Lotus Flower

Have a look on his group named Jack In The Box

Titi has also created the cover Spirit Vibe with us : Well done Thierry !

To know this man with a million of talent go to :

Stéphane Bernard is still helping us a lot on the webiste :

Steph, U R LOVE !!!!

Namasté Hitesh and thank you to have open the door of Venus Group ---

Because of you Dear Hitesh, Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed in India by Venus Group in several months... You want to know more about Spirit Vibe in India ? Go to Spirit Vibe news.