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Incredible ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! During its travel in India, Marie have met Venus Group, one of the biggest Hindi Moovie firm in Bombai and they have decided to link their destiny : Spirit Vibe will be produced and distributed by Venus in India in several months ... see the newspaper and read how it happens...

Spirit Vibe is also available in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan...

Spirit Vibe in India

His name is Hitesh, Hitesh Shah : he has opened for us, the door of Venus Group. Hitesh has organized the meeting in Bombai where we have signed a licence with Venus and Spirit Vibe which will be produced and distributed in India in sevaral month . Wonderful !

Hitesh Shah in France - 28.8 kb
Hitesh Shah in France

But who is Hitesh ? Read what he says: "I am brought up and born in Jodhpur(Rajasthan -India) which is my native place.I always wanted to work hard and to do something about the Humanity and towards my country.When I became elder and matured then my mom and my father wanted me get a qualified degree to acheive something.I look forward after completing my B.Com(HONS) , Company Secretary(Inter) and M.B.A in Finance, Marketing and International Busines to do many things and explore the world.During my M.B.A from Mats School of Business and IT (Bangalore) I went to France at Esc-Pau and spend one semester there.It was a lovely experience working with multi culture people and also met many of the people there.I even met Marie Abbo in Pau city.After studing Marketing with her, I certainly got to know that she is also a singer with her group.She always loves India and People of India. She tolds me about her interest in Music and about Spirit Vibe which was based on Sanskrit language. Spirit Vibe is all about love and affection in the world and also it regenerates the synergy to do work and to move for it live life through fun reducing tension.

Marie and the Ganga - 394.8 kb
Marie and the Ganga

I wanted to carry her idea to India and her feelings about I decided to present Spirit Vibe in India through my networks with music company. Finally we got success and Venus Tapes and records Pvt Ltd took the effort and finalized to launch the CD in Asia. I wish that Spirit Vibe gets success by bright colours."